Activity – Alam Making

So we had an amazing Alam making activity all planned out by our lovely teacher Sarah and she’s got some wonderful step-by-step pictures for those who missed it.

Happy crafting!


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1. Draw your child’s hand. make sure to draw a strip at the bottom and cut out along with the hand. Cut out the drawn mashk.


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2. Tape two sticks together (you can use just one but two will be sturdier). Tape the sticks onto the strip of panja. now wrap the strip around completely and tape it all around (2-3 rounds of tape)


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3. Take the black felt and cut strips on top from both sides. Keep approx 2.5 inches uncut in the middle. Put alam down in the middle and tie the strips around. Fold down both the top corners of felt like a triangle and staple to secure it.


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4. Poke two holes into mashkeeza. Tie the string through both holes to make the handle. Hang mashk over alam panja and stick alam into a piece of styrofoam




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