Week 6 – Jan 14 2016

Salaams mummies.

Here is a recap of our class on Jan 14.

We continued on our theme of 17th Rabiul Awwal by honoring the other personality who was born on that day, Imam Jafare Sadiq (AS).


For Quran, we introduced the letter ‘taa’. We did ‘taa’ for ‘Tamar’ (dates).



We reinforced the concept by tasting yummy dates which teacher Sarah brought and we coloured a palm tree. (Well its actually a coconut tree but that’s a palm tree too so….)



For Tareekh we had a short introduction of Imam Jafare Sadiq highlighting a few points.

1. He is the 6th Imam.
2. He was born on the same day as Prophet Mohammad.
3. He and Prophet Mohammad were both called As Sadiq.
4. He taught us many things about this world.

We continued with a story about Baahis the Explorer where he learns about many animals from his parents who learnt all they know from the famous Hadith of Imam Jafare Sadiq called Tawhide Mufaddhal.


Finally we had an activity where we stuck animal stickers in small colourful booklets and made our own ‘Animals that Imam Spoke About’ book.



Following up from Tareekh, we spoke about the importance of respecting books and how to take care of them. We showed the children one torn and one good book and discussed how we couldn’t read the story in the torn book.

We spoke about the following points.

1. Not throwing the book.
2. Not colouring or writing in it.
3. Not tearing or cutting it.
4. Not gluing the pages together.
5. To turn the pages carefully one by one.

Finally, we spoke about how the most respected book is the Qur’an and how we should do Wudhu before touching it, carry it carefully and with respect, never place it on the floor or step on it and to kiss it as a sign of respect when we are done.


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