Week 7 – 21 Jan 2016

Salaams mummies.

Here is a recap of our class on the 21 of Jan. It was the day of the Wiladat of the father of Imame Zamana, Imam Hasan Askari (AS) and so we centered our weekly theme on him.


For Qur’an, we revised Surah Ikhlas and the letter ‘taa’. We did ‘taa’ ‘tamar’ again and ate more Tamar to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hasan Askari (AS).




For Tareekh we had a short introduction on Imam Hasan (as below) and then we followed that with a story with some props.


Today we are going to talk about Imam Hasan Askari (AS).


He is our 11th Imam.

His daddy was Imam Ali Naqi (AS) his mummy was Bibi Saleel.

He was married to a beautiful princess called Bibi Narjis.

He was the father of Imame Zamana (atfs)

We told the children two stories.

The first was about how the king sent two bad people to hurt the Imam but the Imam was so good that the bad people became good as well and didn’t hurt him.


The second story was about how a bad king put Imam in a cage with some hungry wild animals so that they would hurt the Imam but when the king checked back after sometime, he saw all animals sitting peacefully around the Imam.

We then spoke about the Imams shrine had been broken recently and showed the children pictures.


And then we spoke about how the lovers of Ahlulbayt are rebuilding it and asked the children if they would like to rebuild it as well.

We wrapped up with an activity where we gave them a blank zari and dome to stick and asked them to repair imams shrine with golden bricks and silver rods.


The children were very excited to have repaired Imam’s shrine.


Finally for Akhlaq, we again reiterated that the 11 Imam is the father of our Living Imam and then we spoke about respect to parents.

We covered the points below using roleplay to convey the message.

1. When parents come in the room, we should say salaam and stand up to greet them. We should also kiss their hand as a mark of respect.
2. We should give water to our parents.
3. We should speak to them softly and respectfully.
4. We shouldn’t say no or throw tantrums.
5. We should obey them.